Located in the captivating town of Kufr Ni’ma, just 17 km northwest of Ramallah, lies The Youth Village. Created by the Sharek Youth Forum, it occupies 35 dunums of formerly abandoned land adorned with olive trees, figs, and timeless grapevines. Constructed by dedicated volunteers, the village boasts structures crafted from valley-sourced natural materials, wood, and repurposed elements, embodying an eco-friendly ethos. This eco-village stands as a testament to sustainable living. Designed for education, sports, and leisure, it provides an idyllic backdrop for youth gatherings, corporate events, and retreats far from the urban bustle. Within its premises, you'll find an educational garden complex complete with a dedicated building, modern sanitation facilities, enclosed balconies, and inviting terraces. Additionally, a community centre featuring restrooms, a well-equipped culinary space, an expansive balcony, and a camping zone are at your disposal.

4400 Tree
5035 Young people have camped
67 Educational hiking
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