Environmental Investment

Optimal Utilization of Natural Resources

In every inch of the village, we see the dedication to conservation and the thoughtful use of natural resources for societal benefit. The village comprises not only functional spaces but a harmonious symphony of sustainability, where each element plays a crucial role in the larger ecological narrative. The sleeping areas, guest houses, and outdoor facilities are not just structures; they are conscientiously designed embodiments of a commitment to sustainable living. The Youth Village employs the principles of recycling and re-using as a main source for the material used in constructing the village.

A Pioneering Approach to Eco-Friendly Construction

The Youth Village pioneers an innovative approach to construction, placing a premium on the philosophy of reusing and recycling as primary sources of building materials. Every brick, every beam, and every corner of this haven emerges from a conscious effort to minimize environmental impact. By repurposing locally sourced and recycled materials, the village becomes a living testament to the possibilities of eco-friendly architecture. This approach not only underscores the commitment to sustainable practices but also sets a precedent for future developments to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of positive change in the broader landscape of construction and environmental responsibility. On top of that, the venues of the Youth Village are all designed to allow maximum benefiting from the natural sunlight and natural air ventilation.

Environmental and Cultural Education

Nurturing minds through environmental and cultural education for youth and children. Our commitment extends beyond conventional learning. We strive to cultivate a profound understanding of environmental and cultural dynamics among the youth. Through innovative educational programs, we aim to foster a generation that not only comprehends but actively contributes to the preservation of their natural and cultural heritage.

Green/Environmental Investment

In acknowledgment of the pressing need to address global climate challenges, Sharek steadfastly commits to aligning our actions with international efforts aimed at combating climate change. Rooted in a profound understanding of our collective responsibility, our village stands as a testament to the urgency of environmental preservation.

At Sharek, we have adopted a comprehensive approach to sustainability, emphasizing the integration of green practices into the very fabric of our Palestinian Youth Village. Our commitment to environmental responsibility extends beyond rhetoric, as we actively engage in pioneering green construction methodologies. From inception to realization, every structure within our village is a testament to our dedication to sustainable architecture.

Embracing the transformative potential of alternative energy sources, we environment-friendly technologies to power our village. This not only mitigates our ecological footprint but serves as a beacon for communities aspiring to transition towards renewable and sustainable energy solutions. Our dedication to the environment is further exemplified through proactive pollution reduction strategies. By employing eco-friendly materials and waste management practices, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment, safeguarding the delicate ecosystems surrounding the village. Promoting a circular economy, we champion recycling initiatives, ensuring that materials are repurposed and reused wherever possible. This commitment to the recycling ethos is not just an environmental strategy; it's a conscious effort to inspire sustainable practices among our visitors.

In optimizing the utilization of natural resources, we embrace a harmonious coexistence with the environment. Sharek envisions the Palestinian Youth Village as a living model of eco-friendly living, where every aspect of our daily activities resonates with the principles of environmental sustainability. Our holistic environmental investment stands as an integral part of this vision, driving us to create a resilient and sustainable community that serves as a beacon for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow despite of the uncountable challenges and limitations on taking such measures in the Palestinian context.

Explore the Palestinian Countryside

Develop various life skills and the art of coexistence in different circumstances. Explore Palestine and its rural areas, enjoying its beauty, learning about folklore, and exchanging knowledge and experiences through camping, trekking skills, walking, and coexistence with nature.