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Our people in Palestine and the diaspora, our brothers and sisters in Gaza need more than just our prayers. This is an urgent call launched by Sharek Youth Forum, addressed to every individual who rejects injustice, genocide, and the direct targeting of people in Gaza since October 7, 2023. To this day, more than 350,000 people have been displaced from their homes who became residents at the UNRWA shelters, in addition to tens of thousands in temporary shelters and overcrowded houses.


In light of our national and humanitarian duty, and given the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, as warned by all humanitarian organizations, Sharek Youth Forum invites you to take an active stand in providing urgent support and assistance to our beloved people in Gaza, to support their resilience in facing the continuous aggression targeting civilians and innocents, through the "Sharek Sha’bak" campaign.


“Sharek Sha’bak” campaign is a national youth-led initiative that started during the first Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2008. Its goal was to provide immediate support and advocacy to families and civilians affected in Gaza, particularly children, women, people with disabilities, and the elderly.


The campaign's activities take place in the shelters and sites where the displaced gather as it responds to providing a range of urgent and essential services, including:

- Personal hygiene kits.

- Packages to meet daily food and drinking water needs.

- Psychological and social support services for the affected and survivors, aimed at helping them express their traumatic experiences and raising awareness among parents on how to deal with their children.


We look forward to your support in providing urgent assistance to cover crucial basic needs that contribute to enhancing the resilience of the people in Gaza and improving their living and health conditions.


Be an active part of the aid, and help support the resilience of the people in Gaza strip.


To make a donation, please transfer to the association's accounts:

For donation to Sharek Sha’bak” campaign, check this link:


Account number:

Bank Name: Bank of Palestine

Bank Address: Ramallah, State of Palestine

Account Holder Name: Sharek Youth Forum

Registration number: QR-225-S


IBAN ( NIS):  PS45PALS046202303830993000000

IBAN ( USD): PS60PALS046202303830013000000

IBAN ( Euro): PS65PALS046202303830333000000

IBAN ( JOD):  PS28PALS046202303830293000000

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