Your Voice Makes a Difference

Your Voice Makes a Difference

Campaign Overview

Youth issues hold a central position on the priority list of concerns for Palestinian institutions and organizations. This reflects recognition of the importance of youth-related issues and underscores the intertwining of their concerns with the broader political, economic, and social challenges facing Palestinian society. Consequently, it is imperative to work with this demographic to enable them to make informed choices through democratic means.

The " Your Voice Makes a Difference" campaign aims to increase awareness among youth about elections and the electoral process, particularly among those who have not previously participated in this civic duty. Given that, nearly a decade has passed since the last elections.

The project's concept revolves around organizing informative, training, and dialogue workshops in 5 Palestinian universities, focusing on practical skills related to political participation, democratic culture, electoral procedures, and dialogue. Additionally, various youth activities such as a mobile bus and an election camp are planned for six months.


Targeted Audience

A wide sector of youth is eligible to vote.


Campaign Objectives

The campaign seeks to achieve several key objectives related to youth awareness and encouragement for active participation in the electoral process. Foremost among these objectives is enhancing youth awareness of the importance of elections and the necessity of participation by familiarizing them with the role of the Central Elections Committee and proper electoral procedures. The campaign also aims to raise youth awareness about the significance of political participation and contribute to increasing their awareness of democratic culture.



Campaign Outputs

Sharek Youth Forum launched The "Your Voice Makes a Difference" campaign, in partnership with the Central Elections Committee as part of the Youth Participation Network project funded by the European Union. The project launch event took place at the Forum Hall in Ramallah, with the participation of the Executive Director of the Central Elections Committee, Hisham Kahil, Beit Liqya Municipal Council member Arig Rizq, Dr. Talib Awad, President of the Arab Observatory for Democracy and Elections, and Rteiba Abu Ghoush, Chairperson of Sharek Youth Forum. In addition to Tamayyaz students from Birzeit University and Al-Quds Open University has also attended the event.


The event included an overview of the campaign’s activities and events, including 5 introductory workshops at 5 universities, training 150 young men and women on elections, political participation, and democratic culture. This also included training 20 young men and women on dialogue facilitation and organizing dialogue sessions, organizing 5 dialogue sessions at 5 Palestinian universities (election simulation), organizing 5 routes for the election bus at 5 locations, and organizing the final election camp for leaders in the targeted locations with the participation of 35 young men and women.