Visit Palestine

Visit Palestine


Campaign Overview

To encourage youth to explore the tourist, cultural, historical, and environmental landmarks in Palestine, Sharek Youth Forum launched the "Visit Palestine" campaign. This initiative included a series of campaigns targeting various Palestinian regions, executing group visits to these areas that involved volunteer activities and educational sessions about these sites.


Additionally, the forum promoted these landmarks through various media platforms, providing youth with the opportunity to explore and learn about Palestine's cultural and historical heritage. It enabled them to visit archaeological, historical, and environmental sites in multiple governorates. Furthermore, this initiative shed light on the challenges faced by the residents of these areas, including assaults, confiscations, and attempts at Judaization.

Targeted Audience

Palestinian Youth.

Campaign Outputs

Moreover, this campaign contributed to raising awareness among youth about the importance of boosting the local economy and preserving Palestine's cultural and environmental heritage. It also aimed to strengthen national unity and social cohesion. This initiative covered various regions, including:

  • Palestinian Valleys
  • The Old City of Hebron
  • Foukin Valley
  • Jericho
  • Memorial of Prophet Mosa
  • Ein Boubin – Deir Ibze’
  • AlDalb – Kufur Ne’ma
  • Ein Qiniya
  • AlJeftlek
  • Batir
  • Arab AlRashaiydeh
  • Dead Sea Views
  • AlAqaba
  • Dar AlDarb – Qarawah Bani Hassan
  • Qalqilya