Psychosocial and Social Support in Times of Crises

In response to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Sharek Youth Forum remains steadfast. Acknowledging the imminent humanitarian catastrophe, widely recognized by humanitarian organizations, Sharek have launched its humanitarian campaign in response to this tragedy.

Our campaign, "Sharek Sha’bak," is a youth-led national initiative that took root in 2009 during the agression against Gaza. The fundamental mission of this campaign had been consistent ever since it started: To secure immediate support and assistance to the people in need, reinforcing their resilience in the face of indiscriminate aggression that particularly targets civilians, including children, women, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly.

Given the fact that Psychosocial support plays an important role in times of crises, offering emotional and psychological assistance to affected individuals and communities

Sharek mission was to provide a series of psychosocial support and Relief activities in partnership with its local and international NGOs for the survivors and those affected by the aggression, assisting them in overcoming trauma in West Bank and in Gaza Strip; offering guidance to them in navigating the challenges opposed by the current circumstances.

Accordingly; Sharek has implemented a series of educational sessions and psychosocial support and Relief activities for the survivors and those affected by the aggression, assisting them in overcoming trauma; offering guidance to navigate the challenges opposed by the current circumstances.

Since October 7th, Sharek has implemented several interventions to respond to this crises  under this program in both West Bank and Gaza strip.

In Gaza Strip:

A.    Educational and PSS group sessions:

In collaboration with UNFPA, Project HOPE, Aman Coalition – Palestine, save the children    and with the support of UNRWA , tens of group sessions were conducted in Al-Wosta ,Rafah Khan Younis and North Gaza governorates. These sessions were designed to address to the diverse needs of displaced individuals, reached a total of 6500 participants, encompassing women, adolescents, and youth.

The primary focus of these sessions was to comprehensively address the overall well-being of those residing in shelters, with a special emphasis on mental health and the development of effective coping strategies. By providing a platform for individuals to share their experiences, seek guidance, and exchange valuable insights into mental coping mechanisms. the sessions aimed to create a supportive environment within the shelters.


C.    Psychological relief activities:


 In collaboration with UNFPA and with support of UNRWA, Sharek implemented a total of 414 psychological relief activities across various regions of the Gaza Strip.

  The primary objective of these activities was to provide essential emotional support and promote well-being among displaced children and adolescents. Accordingly, a total of 82,000 children and adolescents aged between 5 and 17 were reached. Those psychological relief activities were designed to encompass a range of modalities, incorporating physical activities, drawing, and music. By employing diverse mediums, those activities aimed to create engaging and therapeutic experiences for the participants, recognizing the importance of multi-sensory approaches in addressing emotional needs.

The activities went beyond traditional forms of psychological support, leveraging the power of creative expression and physical engagement to foster a positive impact on the emotional and mental well-being of the children and adolescents.

In West Bank:

Educational and PSS Peer helpers group sessions:

In collaboration with UNFPA, Sharek has successfully implemented a series of impactful Educational and PSS group sessions. These sessions were designed to address mental health concerns and create dialogues regarding the critical importance of self-protection. Beyond mental health, the sessions aimed to equip participants with valuable coping mechanisms, providing a supportive environment for individuals to openly express their fears and engage in discussions about overcoming them.

The sessions played a dual role, not only addressing immediate mental health needs but also fostering a sense of community and resilience. Through open dialogues and shared experiences, participants were encouraged to build a supportive network, promoting mutual understanding and solidarity in the face of challenging circumstances.

These sessions were implemented across various venerable and significant localities, primarily focusing on refugee camps and villages in need of PSS interventions.

First Aid Trainings:

Acknowledging the pressing demands resulting from the ongoing instability in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, Sharek, alongside its local and international partners, has taken proactive measures to support its volunteers. This initiative involves the implementation of a series of specialized first aid trainings designed to equip Sharek's volunteers with vital skills necessary for navigating the complexities of the crisis. These trainings aim to empower volunteers to respond promptly to emergencies, offer immediate assistance, and actively contribute to the overall welfare of affected communities.

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