We Are Partners

Campaign Name:

We Are Partners: Mobile Theater to Promote Gender Equality

The youth forum implements a project titled "We Are Partners: Mobile Theater to Promote Gender Equality." This project aims to form a youth body that advocates for the importance of gender equality within the regional project "Men and Women for Gender Equality," implemented by UN Women with support from the Swedish International Development Agency. The project will empower young people to advocate for gender equality through theatrical performances and community campaigns that highlight the role of males in ending all forms of violence against women.


Campaign Overview:


The social phenomenon is defined in the social sciences as a social act practiced by crowds of people or experienced and suffered by them, with its results. If the phenomenon is negative, it transforms into a problem in itself, leading to social problems and causing a disturbance in various aspects of society.


In Palestinian society, until recently, family conflicts and disputes were considered exceptional and infrequent events, not forming a general phenomenon or societal culture. However, recent reports and local news bulletins indicate that these conflicts are becoming a daily occurrence, with media outlets reporting on family disputes resulting in injuries or deaths almost every day. It is important to note that media coverage tends to focus on the most attention-grabbing and possibly more violent events, while other incidents may be overlooked or addressed within the community.


There has always been a connection between masculinity and violence, with males in Palestinian society still associated with violence, especially among the youth. Demonstrating the positive aspects of young people in their interactions with society in general and women in particular is crucial. The political division events have reinforced the negative view of Palestinian youth, impacting many aspects of their lives.


Therefore, the #BecauseIAmAMan campaign aims to reduce the phenomenon of violence in Palestinian society, particularly focusing on males. This campaign works with young people, who play a significant role in shaping the future of society and their social relationships. The campaign complements various initiatives by other institutions and organizations addressing specific types of violence, whether gender-based or other prevalent forms in Palestinian society.


Campaign Objectives:

Create societal awareness about the dangers of violent inputs in shaping masculine identity. Change the stereotypical image of men always being accused of violence. And Creating a youth movement around the issue of stereotyping society regarding male roles and connecting them to violence.


Target Audience:

The campaign targets society in general, with messages specifically directed at young people of both genders.


Campaign Outputs:

The campaign utilizes a variety of tools directed towards the target audience, including live events (theatrical performances), promotional posters, videos discussing key campaign concepts, an electronic photography campaign showcasing positive and anti-violence aspects of males with the hashtag #BeAMan, dialogue sessions with influential figures in Palestinian society, and electronic surveys about youth perspectives on various issues related to violence.