Time for Change

Time for Change: Disability-Friendly Cities.


Campaign Objective:

To create a qualitative awareness of the rights of people with disabilities to live in a disability-friendly environment that meets their rights in services, access rights, and dignified living. The campaign aims to bring about change in targeted areas by identifying the key barriers to access in disability-friendly cities. It holds local authorities accountable and urges them to implement measures ensuring the transformation of sites into disability-friendly locations.


Target Audience:

People with disabilities and local institutions for the implementation of this initiative.


Campaign Outputs:

Sharek Youth Forum consistently acknowledges the importance of empowering youth in various aspects of life. Since a significant portion of the youth demographic includes individuals with disabilities, achieving the goal of empowerment must encompass all youth categories, including those with disabilities. Following a meeting with all youth local councils to develop the plan and discussions with local authorities, an assessment was conducted in collaboration with local bodies, the General Union of People with Disabilities, and individuals with disabilities to identify necessary actions and changes.


With the enthusiasm and perseverance of the youth, a national campaign was launched in collaboration with all targeted sites and the Ministry of Local Governance. Meetings were held with associations and institutions working locally with people with disabilities (relief organizations, the Red Crescent, and the Christian Youth Association involved in home and physical modifications, among others). Public institutions such as schools, centers, and other organizations catering to the needs of persons with disabilities were also engaged. Public meetings and official visits by ministries of labor, planning, health, and others were facilitated.



By identifying clear needs at each site, significant modifications were made in public facilities, particularly municipalities and rural councils, including entrances, ramps, signage, bathrooms, and more. An agreement was reached with all partner municipalities and local councils to launch a national initiative titled "Disability-Friendly Cities."



Campaign Activities:

- Training a complete youth assembly on the importance of integrating persons with disabilities into civil society and understanding their rights.

- Conducting inspection tours of all public facilities and issuing reports and news on the status of all facilities.

- Establishing public facilities designed for the needs of persons with disabilities, such as the zoo in Qalqilya province.

- Providing various services that facilitate their daily lives, such as visual aids through the placement of Braille signs.