Your Right by Law

Your Right by Law: Economic and Social Empowerment of Palestinian Youth through Awareness of Workers' Economic Rights.


Campaign Objective:

The campaign aims to raise awareness among youth about labor issues, enlighten them, and ensure their rights in the Palestinian labor market according to the Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) of 2000. It focuses on monitoring violations against women, including violence, harassment, exploitation, and non-compliance with minimum wage regulations.


Target Audience:

Youth, including university students, professionals, and those about to enter the workforce.


Campaign Outputs:

The campaign holds significant importance as it sheds light on the struggles of a wide sector of workers in various fields. It operates through volunteers in several regions to contribute to holding those who violate workers' rights accountable. This involves conducting a series of workshops and awareness sessions in universities with the participation of more than 500 young men and women. The campaign includes field visits to factories and facilities in different provinces, broadcasting 10 radio episodes through "Raya FM," and issuing five awareness newsletters.


The campaign aims to increase awareness among Palestinian youth, especially women, about the fundamental rights enjoyed by workers. It documents numerous violations against workers in their workplaces, attributing these actions to the challenging conditions faced by Palestinian society and the deteriorating economic situation. These factors have compelled employers to resort to "dreadful" means to exploit workers.