The Youth Village

Continuously striving to create a safe haven where young individuals can unleash their untapped potential and freely articulate their thoughts without fear of judgment, the Youth Village has emerged as a pillar of support. Inaugurated in 2012 atop the precarious AlRissan mountain, the village stands as a testament to the collective efforts and dedication of the Palestinian Youth. Serving as a sanctuary for the youth, it has evolved into a place where they can seek refuge, experiences, and empowerment.

This haven allows young individuals to channel their energies in various dimensions. Volunteering and youth initiatives leave a permanent mark in the village, ranging from human chains to olive harvesting and other impactful initiatives. Beyond that, the village serves as a safe space for self-expression, fostering discussions on social issues that particularly concern the youth and society at large.

The Youth Village, nestled on the edge of potential confiscation and settlement, plays a pivotal role in sustaining its community. Every year, it hosts up to 500 volunteers who contribute significantly to the village's continuity and support, countering the threats posed by Israeli occupation. Amidst the challenges, the village stands tall, a resilient testament to the determination of Palestinian youth and their commitment to shaping a better future.