Volunteering amidst Crisis “Gaza”

In the midst of the ongoing crisis, especially with the commencement of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, the escalation of events and the surge in material and psychological needs have been palpable. In response, the Sharek Forum Volunteers team, comprising over 400 dedicated young men and women, took decisive action by utilizing their life and practical skills in the field.

Embodying the belief in the hidden energy possessed by the youth, the Sharek Youth Forum is committed to empowering young individuals at the grassroots level. Our mission revolves around harnessing the inherent potential of the youth within the community, making them active participants in addressing the community's needs. This approach ensures that they become integral contributors, utilizing their latent capabilities for the betterment of the community.

On the social front, volunteers provided essential basic needs for displaced citizens through implementing various initiatives with in Sharek emergency response campaign “ Sharek Shabaak”; these efforts included :

  • providing psychological support interventions,
  • Self-Care Initiative at Nuseirat Schools:
  • Education Support initiative for Tawjihi Students: Materials and stationery have been distributed as part of our education initiative for displaced Tawjihi students in five shelters. This initiative aims to provide essential resources for their educational journey. This initiative reached to 280 tawjihi students (M: 112, F: 168)
  • Cooking and providing hot meals for displaced people
  • Distribution of Drinking Water Tanks
  • Shaving Initiative for Displaced Individuals
  • Clay food ovens initiative
  • Entertainment days in shelters: 
  • Electrical Infrastructure Improvement Initiative:
  • Mobile Blood Bank initiative
  • distribution of health packages
  • "Cinema of Displacement
  • Shelter Entertainment Shows



The genesis of genuine community volunteering in Gaza can be traced back to these pioneering efforts, where individuals dedicated themselves to fulfilling the needs of their homeland and Palestinian society. Actively participating in this crucial stage represents one of the most successful applications of their life and professional skills. The resilience and unwavering dedication exhibited by these volunteers serve as a powerful testament to their commitment to constructing a better future, even in the face of formidable challenges. Their efforts not only address immediate needs but also lay the groundwork for a more resilient and thriving community, embodying the spirit of communal solidarity and proactive engagement