Majd Journey

Majd & Majd 14-year-old boy and girl. Palestinians believe in positive societal change and seek to serve as an example for children and adolescents in Palestinian society. From a young age, their journey began to discover Palestinian society and visit various governorates. Through their journey, they showed that society is evolving, changing, and having a future. Majd strives through the journey to reach children with various tools from the diary, educational sessions, awareness meetings, mentoring activities, and psychosocial support sessions. Focusing on various subjects, the most essential of which is Gender.

From a young age, children need someone who understands them and clarifies the various concepts of life. Majd, with his age aligning perfectly with that of the children, became their companion. He was a friend to both children and adolescents on their journey to explore life and its diverse concepts.

Majd's journey unfolds as the children transition from childhood to adolescence. It was a journey that believed in the power of positive change starting from a young age, recognizing that children and adolescents are foundational to this societal transformation. Majd succeeded in being a companion to children and adolescents, engaging in conversations with them on various topics that are crucial to social change. These include gender equality, violence in its various forms, positive education, rights and responsibilities, social equality, and family education.

Majd's journey, summarized in its philosophy, aims to focus on gender-based violence and gender roles. This is achieved through educational sessions that address crucial topics, promoting the intellectual development of children while reducing mistaken stereotypes associated with customs, traditions, and social upbringing that perpetuate violence in Palestinian society. Through Majd its themes, endeavors to assist children and adolescents in expressing themselves. It serves as a tool for dialogue with them regarding various forms of violence and discrimination in our society, emphasizing dialogue as a means of resolving differences of opinion, promoting freedom of thought and expression, and respecting diversity.


Majd engages children and adolescents in quality games through counselling and recreational activities, including physical, artistic, and musical activities. The inclusion of theatre enhances self-confidence and expression through art, presenting societal issues seamlessly. Majd's efforts extend beyond school journeys, delving into the entertainment aspect for children by organizing summer and winter camps. By targeting both genders among children and adolescents, Majd works to develop their skills and societal impact.