The HAYA Joint Program

The HAYA Joint Program

Sharek's Commitment to Gender Equality


Sharek Youth Forum actively engages in the "Brave Man" project, a crucial initiative under UN Women's Haya project, focusing on challenging gender stereotypes and promoting equality in Palestinian society. Recognizing that men tend to have more stereotypical perceptions of masculinity, the project prioritizes addressing men's attitudes to raise awareness of gender issues.

The core objectives of the "Brave Man" project extend beyond awareness-raising. It actively involves young men in advocating for gender equality and empowers young women to reject violence. By integrating these critical issues into mainstream narratives, the project aims to break societal taboos and foster active citizenship among the youth. Collaborating with community-based organizations (CBOs) and other partners, the program tackles gender-based violence and supports young community influencers.

Operating in the challenging context of Palestine, Sharek Youth Forum has successfully executed various activities. Despite facing significant challenges, the organization conducted educational sessions, strengthened partnerships, installed the Haya mural at the Youth Village, and initiated a children's short story. Sharek's commitment to challenging gender norms and promoting equality remains unwavering.

The "Brave Man" project focuses on raising awareness of sexism and gender inequalities among young men and women in Palestinian society. It aims to change attitudes toward gender-based violence and challenge hegemonic stereotypes. The project engages young men and women in advocating for gender equality while empowering them to reject violence.

Importantly, the project breaks societal taboos by engaging young men effectively, exposing additional social injustices. Simultaneously, it transforms youth into active citizens who can educate others through their experiences. As ambassadors for positive change, they lead impactful initiatives, contributing to a more equitable society.

Collaborating with community-based organizations in targeted communities, the project involves positive influencers to advocate for necessary changes. By collaborating with CBOs, governmental organizations, and the private sector, the project addresses a critical social issue while assisting youth and community influencers in becoming Palestine's change-makers.

The overarching goal is to reduce the vulnerability of women and girls to all forms of violence and raise awareness of gender-based violence in targeted communities. The "Brave Man" project emerges as a transformative force in challenging societal norms and fostering positive change in Palestine.