The Hope Road

The Hope Road

A project fully funded by Palestinian personnels


Sharek Youth Forum is dedicated to fostering positive change and community development. One of our initiatives that involve continuous collaboration with the public community, partners, and youth groups to enhance the Youth Village and its surrounding infrastructure is the Hope Road. Our focus extends beyond the village itself, encompassing facilities, transportation, and the crucial road that leads to the Youth Village.


Navigating Challenges for Youth Development


Situated atop the mountains near the village of Kafr Nima, the Youth Village initially faced accessibility challenges due to the steep slope of its initial road. Recognizing the need for improvement, Sharek launched the Hope Road campaign which aimed at establishing a fully equipped road leading to the Youth Village. 

In response to the topography challenges, the Hope Road campaign went beyond conventional road-building. It envisioned a route that transcends the practicality of transportation; it seeks to incorporate a sensory journey that complements the natural beauty of the landscape. The construction of this road aimed to breathe life into a wider expanse of the Youth Village, weaving seamlessly into the fabric of its surroundings.

By establishing a more secure and accessible route, the new road now provides an additional layer of safety, instilling a sense of security for all those journeying to the village maneuvering the constant aggressions of the newly established “illegal” Israeli settlement. This added layer of assurance contributes to a more pleasant and inviting environment, fostering a deeper connection between the Youth Village and its visitors.

As the Hope Road unfolded, it endeavored to create not just a physical path but a sensory and secure journey, enriching the overall experience of reaching the Youth Village. This campaign symbolized the commitment to not only overcome challenges but to transform them into opportunities for growth, connection, and a heightened sense of community.

The success of the Road of Hope campaign has been made possible through the generous contributions and donations from various sectors of Palestinian society. This endeavor to construct an additional road, spanning 1,340 meters, leading to the Youth Village has garnered significant support from Palestinian individuals who are passionate about the preservation of their cultural heritage and community. Moreover, the private sector has played a crucial role, demonstrating a shared commitment to the well-being and accessibility of the Youth Village. The collaborative efforts extend to the support received from governmental and non-governmental entities, proving a unified front in the pursuit of safeguarding Palestinian beauty, agricultural lands, and fostering a sense of community resilience. This collective endeavor serves as a testament to the strength of solidarity within Palestinian society, where individuals and organizations come together to create positive change.


Preserving Palestinian Beauty and Agricultural Lands


The Hope Road campaign stood as a collaborative endeavor between Sharek Youth Forum and the local community, particularly in the village of Kafr Nima. Its primary objective was to construct an additional road, spanning 1,340 meters, not only to facilitate easy access to the Youth Village but also to shield agricultural lands from potential confiscation and settlement threats around Al-Risan Mountain.

Our unwavering social responsibility encompasses the preservation of the Palestinian identity and ensuring accessibility to the Youth Village for all beneficiaries. Constructing an additional road serves a dual purpose: it creates a gateway and connecting line between the villagers and their at-risk lands. Al-Risan Mountain, often under the looming threat of occupation, becomes a symbol of community resilience as we endeavor to raise our flag on its peaks.

The Hope Road campaign did not only address accessibility concerns but also played a crucial role in discouraging annexation attempts and expanding the new illegal settlement. By providing a more secure route to the Youth Village, we actively contribute to the protection of agricultural lands against potential confiscation and settlement activities. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding our heritage and preventing any attempts to undermine the rights and livelihoods of the local population.

Furthermore, the Hope Road encourages farmers and landowners to actively participate in the rehabilitation of their lands. By easing the way to reach the Youth Village, we aim to inspire local communities to reclaim, cultivate, and revitalize their agricultural spaces, fostering sustainable practices and reinforcing their connection to the land. Through collective efforts, we empower individuals to take charge of their surroundings and contribute to the resilience and prosperity of Palestinian agricultural heritage.


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