Palestine Ta3mal


Background: Youth unemployment remains high across the Middle East and particularly so in Palestine. “Palestine Ta3mal” employability platform was launched in 2012 by Silatech and Microsoft Citizenship to support workplace development across the Middle East and North Africa region. To date, the network has benefited close to 500,000 youth. Our local partners and the Ministry of Labor whom we’re collaboratively working with. Recently we’ve signed Memorandum of Understandings with most Palestinian universities across the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Project Summary: Sharek Youth Forum has recently took over “Palestine Ta3mal” project and we’re working hand in hand with youth from universities and educational centers across the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Ta3mal is a regional employability portal that connects young people, youth and job-seekers to future career paths, online learning and job opportunities and links potential entrepreneurs to mentors, partners and funding prospects.


The portal provides immense amount of free services for youth and job-seekers to take the first step towards success. “Palestine Ta3mal” portal offers more than 1800 online learning courses in Language learning, Business and Enterprise and Information Technology.Ta3mal also helps students to choose their career path through “Tamheed” assessment tool an interactive psychometric tool for career counselling and development. The portal also gives entrepreneurship learning and mentoring opportunities for startups. Together with our network of partners, the portal provides a wide range of resources and opportunities aimed at developing their professional skills and boosting employment.