The Youth Village


13,500 young people visited the Youth Village in 2020

3,200 young people slept overnight

4,400 trees were planted by the youth

55 educational hiking trips were conducted


The Youth Village is an educational, environmental, sports, and entertainment village established by Sharek Youth Forum west of Ramallah on 35 dunums of land near the village of KuforNemah.

Youth Village Objectives:

  • Provide environmental and cultural education for youth and children.
  • Protect land from the dangers of expropriation, settlement, or wrongful exploitation.
  • Provide an enjoyable natural environment for youth groups, to providedifferent community, educational, recreational, and physical activities.
  • Promote environmental/green investment (green building, alternative energy resources, pollution reduction, recycling, and optimum use of natural resources).
  • Provide young people withoutdoor experiences.

The Youth Village consists of:

  • ·        An ideal environment and an environmental education center
  • ·        A community center for capacity building
  • ·        A large space for outdoor exercise
  • ·        A camping area with residential facilities
  • ·        Arenas for adventures and challenges

Enhancing Citizenship and Belonging:

  • The Youth Center encourages charity, volunteerism, and community work
  • Participants learn about the history and civilization of Palestine, as well as itsrich cultural diversity,through exposure to the experiences of others.

Explore the Palestinian Countryside:

  • Learn a variety of life skills and ways tolive in different conditions by using the availableresources.
  • ExplorePalestine and its rural areas; enjoy its beauty; learn about itstraditions, and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Camping, Marching, and other Outdoor Experiences

  • Target skills include teamwork, communication, leadership, responsibility, and time management.
  • The students will learn how to prepare mealsand start fire places , as well as improve their navigational and map reading skills.