Working Toward Change


Programme Statistics:

  • 300,000 youth
  • 50 Partner organisations
  • 20 youth-led campaigns
  • 4 Ministries
  • 10 Municipalities
  • 20 Village Councils

We envision a Palestine where young people have a right to make their own decisions, have choices, and are proactive, decision-making members of society. We embed advocacy into all of our programs, seeking long-term changes in action.

As Sharek, we act as a platform to amplify the voices of young people, train them to advocate for themselves, and seek positive change in the political, economic, and social structures in Palestine. Working with government institutions, civil society organisations, and international stakeholders, Sharek aims to help young Palestinians gain the skills they need to advocate effectively, and take ownership of and pride in the path towards their rights.

Through our working towards change programmes, we:

  • Advocate on topical youth issues to government institutions in partnership with other civil society organisations and international stakeholders
  • Conduct local, national, and international campaigns advocating for the rights of young people to relevant stakeholders with the power to make change and raising youth awareness of important issues
  • Conduct electronic polls and surveys to understand youth views towards important issues and to help lessen the paucity of verified data on youth in Palestine
  • Publish an annual Status of Youth Report, detailing our latest electronic polls and surveys demonstrating youth beliefs, views, and progress (or lack thereof)

Our advocacy work is a core pillar of everything we do, taking a rights-based approach that seeks to redress the rights violations against young people who are unjustly impacted. We ensure a particular emphasis on young women who are doubly oppressed, as Palestinians under the Israeli occupation, and as women in a patriarchal Palestinian society. We believe this approach is vital to see long-lasting and sustainable change in Palestine.