Youth Village Objectives:

The Youth Village’s objectives are to offers environmental and cultural education for children and youth, while protecting the land from the dangers of expropriation, settlements, and wrongful exploitation. It is to provide an enjoyable natural environment for youth groups from different communities, educational, recreational, with outdoor experiences and physical activities. The Youth Village was constructed keeping in mind the impact of climate change therefore, it promotes environmental/green investment, by building green buildings, alternative energy resources, pollution reduction, recycling, and optimum use of natural resources).

The Youth Village consists of:

  • An ideal environment and an environmental education centre.
  • A community centre for capacity building.
  • A large space for outdoor exercise.
  • A camping area with residential facilities.
  • Arenas for adventures and challenges.
  • Enhancing Citizenship and Belonging.
  • The Youth Centre encourages charity, volunteerism, and community work.
  • Participants learn about the history of Palestine, as well as gaining knowledge on its rich cultural diversity, through exposure to the experiences of others.

4400 Tree
5035 Young people have camped
67 Educational hiking